Our first foray into making a YouTube video

We love sailing, but wow was this tricky to capture!

The first time we used the drone Ollie launched it when we were sailing from the back of the boat. What we didn’t realise was that the drone set its home point to where it was launched. So we merrily sailed off into the blue, filming… got to low battery and Ollie commanded it to return, thinking that meant us. Nope! It zoomed off to head back to where we’d launched (if you watch the full film on YouTube you’ll see the end credits where we make a sudden about turn to retrieve our fleeing drone).

Once we’d got to it, extreme low battery by this point, Ollie then had to manoeuvre it so we could catch it off the back of a moving, rocking, sailing boat. Fun times.

But really we’re so grateful to capture these incredibly beautiful places with their blue seas and wild outcrops.  Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think… Good, amazing, or don’t quit the day job?

All filmed, edited AND music by Ollie.